Yes, please: these are always very welcome and will be used to help towards the work of the Trust.


Should you wish to help with a gift of money: cash, cheque (payable to "VCT") or any major debit card (except Amex and Diners, which we can't deal with) would be greatly appreciated!  If you pay United Kingdom Income Tax, could you please complete also a Gift Aid form: this allow us to claim back the Income Tax you have already paid, so increasing the value of your donation by almost 25%, at no extra cost to you. Contact details, and a link to the Gift Aid form, are on the Membership Application Form (which doubles as a Donation Form).

...or Kind:

Donations of books, magazines, railway hardware, or anything else associated with railways for us to sell in our two Shops are also always very welcome. Please ring before making a long journey, especially if you are bringing magazines.

Museum items:

Donation of items for display or for reference within our Museum are also much welcomed - but please contact us first, so that we can confirm with you that our formal Collecting Policy is complied with and that your gift won't result in unnecessary duplication.

...we don't like to say this: but...

Have you made a Will?

All too often we hear of railway collections being lost because Executors just didn't appreciate the interest and the value of things they identified merely as "junk". If you haven't already done so, please consider making a Will and within it take the opportunity of specifying what you would like to happen to your own railway Collection. There is more information on the VCT Legacies leaflet.


You can find our contact addresses, telephone numbers etc on the Membership Application Form. Your support in this way towards the work of the Trust is much appreciated!



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