Vintage Carriages Trust - Museum of Rail Travel

COVID-19 Update, May 2020


We hope that you are well and staying safe. 

The Vintage Carriages Trust Museum at Ingrow as well as the Keighley and  Worth Valley Railway remain completely closed with no public access or any operational services. 

We at VCT are working on contingency plans to be implemented when current restrictions are eased. This includes a risk assessment and a revised method of operation for our staff, volunteers and visitors alike to address all safety concerns when we are able to reopen. We are following government guidelines and would not anticipate a reopening before July at the earliest. 

The VCT museum is in good order and both the building and its contents are secure. 

Please bear with us and we will keep you informed of any changes as soon as this is possible.

For general enquiries, please contact:         

Thankyou for your patience.